Class, Computer, and Facility Reservations


Library Classes   To schedule a class visit to the library call or email the library with the date, time and objective of your visit.  You will receive an electronic notification concerning the visit.  If you forgot your day and time, just check the calendar.  Click on your name to find out the details.

Technology Reservations
    To schedule computer labs or a bank of computers in the library, call or email the librarian.    Prior to making your reservation you must complete the "Computer Assignment Form."  If you have not received the form, please contact your librarian.   You will receive electronic notification concerning your reservation.

Facility Reservations   If you want to use the library for an event or function, please call or email the librarian with the date and time of the event.  The librarian will schedule your event/function as space becomes available.

Forgot when you scheduled a class visit, computer lab, or space - just check the calendars.