What's Happening in Social Studies

Here is what we a covering in class:

Week of :

August 20, 2018
Welcome! This week students are learning, practicing and reviewing the procedures and expectations of class as well as, McCowan Middle School. We will begin the study of physical geography and use map skills. Students will work in groups and create a foldable for their interactive folders. 

August 27, 2018
Students are continuing the study of physical geography and using map skills. This week we are focusing on identifying and locating the continents and oceans. We are also learning geographic terms and using longitude and latitude. We are creating t-charts, note-taking, and producing maps for our interactive folders. We may also survive a "zombie apocalypse". 

September 3, 2018
This week students will complete the unit on physical geography. To demonstrate their knowledge of map skills and geography, students will work with a partner to design their own amusement park. Students will use their imagination and creativity to create awesome parks and rides.