Google Apps (GAFE)

GAFE applications, with the exception of Classroom, are applicable to all staff members. Remember, we all have a district google account, however, if you have a personal gmail, you also have access to Google Drive and all the applications below except Classroom.  You can save all your information on the Cloud and access from anywhere. 

Documents created with these applications are automatically saved.  No hitting the save button. So, you will never lose any updates, documents or projects.  Also, once an item has been shared any changes or updates will automatically show up on the documents that you shared - you don't have to share or send again! Great for easy collaboration.


 check Check out the tutorials below for detailed instructions 
about using these GAFE Apps.  

Google Drive • Google Classroom  Forms  Slides  Docs

Google Drive - Easy to share documents (no more attaching in emails) and organize your files, and you can access them from anywhere you have internet access.  You can share folders with multiple documents with a click of your mouse.  Photos can be shared easily, no worry about file size.

Are you interested in using Google Classroom?  Or do  you think you might be interested, or just don't know?  Check out the videos for how to set up and use Google Classroom.

(includes teacher & student views)


Don't know what you can do with Google Forms?  This is a great tool for some types of tests, surveys, etc.  No more scantrons.  Check out the videos for instructions.
        Advanced forms and apps



What about Slides - the GAFE powerpoint app.  Don't have your students use powerpoint, have them place their presentations in Slides - (no flash drives, no excuses for download problems or not having the application at home.)


Don't forget Google Docs - the "Word" application in Google Drive.  Ask students to create their assignments in Google Docs and share them with you.  Once again - no excuses for not having the application, lost assignment, and no flashdrive needed.  No need to attach in email - just share.  

If you have any other interests in GAFE apps and how to use them please contact your librarian.