Guidelines for Library Visits

McCowan Middle School Library 
Teacher Information  

 What are the expectations for our teachers?
It is the goal of the McCowan Middle School to accommodate all classes. This can be accomplished with cooperation and planning between the teachers and the librarian. The following guidelines will facilitate the daily library operations and help us achieve our goals. Click HERE for teacher expectations
 Want to send a student to the library?
  • You must send the student(s) with an "official library pass."
  • The "Official library Pass" has been emailed to all faculty.
  • The pass should be saved on your desktop for quick access.
  • Passes are available at the library circulation desk.
  • We do not accept handwritten or personal passes.
  • Call the library at extension 278 before sending any student to the library.  The librarian may be out of the library or the library may be filled to capacity.  If the librarian does not answer, do not send the student.
 Substitutes (to send or not to send that is the question)
  • Substitutes may not bring classes to the library.  If a teacher has scheduled library time and is absent, alternate plans must be made for the substitute.
  • Substitutes should not send students individually to the library,  Please place that information in your substitute folder.  
 Want to bring your classes to the library?
  • The librarian schedules all classes in the library.
  • Classes are scheduled at 45 minute intervals.  
  • Teachers must remain in the library with their class.  Click HERE for expectations.